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Learn These Simple Patterns & Tactics... And You'll Find Great Trades Every Day!

My partner, Keith Schneider, and I have been trading collectively for over 50 years including years of experience as professional floor traders and hedge fund managers.

Here are 2 core “trading secrets” (and 10 free videos to demonstrate them) that have been critical to our success as traders…

Professional Trading Secret #1 (Based on Floor Trading)
Some of the most profitable trading systems are incredibly simple!

Years of floor trading experience has proven to us that “keep it simple” trading strategies work best for giving you a trading edge because…
…Their setups are easy to identify (as you’ll see in the videos), and…
…Their trading rules are easy to execute

Professional Trading Secret #2 (Based on Hedge Fund Trading)
Focus on highly volatile stocks trading on volume with the right patterns, and you’ll catch huge trades!

Years of pattern recognition and data crunching research has proven to us that…

It’s easier for a mediocre trader to be profitable trading an “easy trading conditions” than it is for an expert trader to be profitable in a “tough market conditions”.

So if you’re not an expert trader, or you just want trading to be easier, then focus on trading stocks when they are in “easy trading conditions”!

Your trading will be easier and more profitable by trading the right markets at the right time!

When you focus on highly volatile stocks trading on unusually high volume with the patterns these videos demonstrate, your trading will be more fun and more profitable!

Get 10 Videos Free! 

I’ve created this series of videos so I can show you exactly what I mean by simple patterns, easy to find set-ups, and easy trading conditions. The completely free series of videos will cover topics including:

How to find high volume stocks and recognize the footprints of big institutions so you can ride the next big move in a stock created by their massive buying or selling.
How to identify key turning points or inflection points in volatile stocks.
Which intra-day volume bars indicate the price levels that are good for trading reversals or trading breakouts.
Which early morning high volume stocks are set up for trading breakouts or trading reversals.
Great day set ups in the late afternoon and early morning in the most volatile stocks that are trading on volume indicative of institutional activity.
3 characteristics of high volume and highly volatile stocks to identify the best candidates for day trading.
How to use a big down day in the market to find great setups for trading reversals in volatile stocks.
A simple pattern in unusually high volume stocks that can indicate the market is turning.
Which weak stocks you should focus on for trading reversals.
One of the best conditions for trading breakouts and gapping stocks that are trading on volume.

Each one of the videos is focused on a specific trading topic so it will only take you a few minutes to digest it and apply it to your trading immediately.

All you need to do to get started right now is register your email address and I’ll send you access to your first video IMMEDIATELY!

To your trading success,
Geoff Bysshe

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